Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The heart of the Digital World

The Search Engine Optimization generally referred to as SEO is the most important process for digital marketing, as our headline suggests it is truly the heart of Digital World. SEO is the process which gives your business the first recognition online. Traditional marketing helps businesses in searching the customers, while SEO makes it possible for end consumers to search your business online and that too without any advertisement charges, fascinating?
Let’s know more about SEO.

Everything about Search Engine Optimization – Complete Understanding of SEO

It is said in the marketing world that if you want to be an effective marketing person you must “Think Like Customer”. So, let’s think like a customer to understand SEO.

If you want to buy a specific mobile phone but you are not aware of an authorized retailer who deals in this mobile near you, what would you do? Take out your phone, open any Search Engine like google or bing or yahoo and type “Mobile XYZ dealer near me”, right? Similarly, if you are not aware of the best SEO company in Surat or SEO expert in Surat who provides the best SEO services in Surat or any other city, then what would you search for? “Best SEO Agency in Surat” or “Best SEO in Surat”, right?

Now, there will be hundreds of links which will appear in the search page of your search engine. What will be your next step? You will probably check the first few links and check what they are offering or details about them. You will never go to the second page of search pages because you get everything related to your search and requirement on the first page itself.

Now, who decided which sites will come on the first page and which on second? Yes, you are right, the Search Engine (Google or bing) decides, but who helped them to decide that? The Search Engine Optimization agencies helped them in deciding that.
Now, if we see from a business point of view, in the above example, the two major parts of online customer behaviour are

  1. The online customer is mainly dependent on search engines and they take help of search engines for all their needs and requirements online. Today’s consumer is dependent on search engines not only for their online buying but even if they want to buy product or services physically, they rely majorly on Search Engines.
  1. Second and most important behaviour is, the new world consumer doesn’t have the patience to go through all the pages of search results provided by the search engine. They check the only first page and on the first page also the consumer will quickly scan what is most relevant to his/her need and open only that result.

These are the exactly and only two steps to get the attention of an online consumer, but it is as easy and simple to achieve as it looks? NO! Not at all!

So, how to achieve it, the simple step for you is to “Hire the best SEO agency”, the search engine optimization agency, like Premware Services India LLP, the best SEO company in Surat, would have a bunch of talented SEO Experts who can work on your website, it’s content, design, size, links, Keywords and many more things to help you achieve Organic Ranking on search engines.

SEO helps your business, products, services or website to rank up on the first page of the Search Engine.

Do you have a question “How to rank my website on the first page of Google?”, Premware Services India LLP is the answer.

Deep Dive into SEO

A marketer must think like a customer, but a good SEO must also think like a Search Engine. So, general marketer just must think like human beings, but an SEO must think like a machine as well!

To get best SEO results and ranking on search engines, an SEO must keep himself updated with the changes in the pattern of search which the search engine follows, at the same time SEO also has to keep track on consumer behaviour and what their current requirements are.

For an example, you own a mobile shop and you have the latest iPhone available with you, the SEO will do research on customer requirements and rank your site on google accordingly to show up your website first for that iPhone; suddenly the new phone is launched and people start searching for that phone, will your website still appear first on Google? NO!

you will have to keep your SEO updated as the changing market and change in requirements.

Similarly, if you have done ranking perfectly but the search engine changes the algorithm (an algorithm is the process of a search engine to search and rank your site on their first page), your website will not appear in the first page. Not because you have done anything wrong but just because the search engines have changed their pattern or process. It is a myth in general people that search engine doesn’t change algorithm often, we often come across the question and statements like “The change in algorithm must be very rare, why would they change it frequently? How many times they would change it in a year? So, let us tell you that your favourite search engine Google, changes the algorithm around 500-550 times a year. Surprising?

That is where you need an SEO Expert who can keep his/her eye on change in consumer behaviour and change in Search Engines’ behaviour to rank your website higher.

How do Search Engines Work?

3 steps of the search engine process

  1. Crawling – The crawlers or bots travel from webpages to webpages and gathers the information on them with help of content, pics, videos and links available on them and identifies the kind of services your business provides, these are robots and hence they read the coding done on text, pics and videos and not just the content which we read.
  2. Indexing – based on the information gathered by crawlers the search engines lists all the websites according to the nature of their services, information and Content.
  3. Ranking – The search engine matches the searched keywords with the information on indexed websites and searches the most relevant websites. Based on the relevance of the content or coding of the website, the search engine decides and fixes the position of each website and shows them on search pages according to the ranking.

All the above 3 steps are important to rank on the first page of the search engine. The team of best SEOs can do all this work for you. Here the thing is to understand that SEO is not a single person or single operation, it comprises various stages and experts to make it possible for you.

Strategy for Local SEO Services and Affordable SEO Services

Research on your business

Our research team researches your products, services and industry your business falls in. We do a detailed investigation like your website SEO audit of your business trends, latest consumer behaviours and requirements. We also analyse where do you stand in that business and determine the USP of your business. We need a huge input from your side on this stage to know your business better.

Design the strategy of SEO

Designing the strategy is the pillar of SEO. The SEO teams decide on the approaches to adopt. Many agencies adopt Black Hat SEO Approach which is a wrong way of achieving ranking. We adopt a 100% White Hat SEO strategy which follows all the rules and regulations suggested by search engines.

We decide the steps and strategy for On-page SEO as well as for Off-Page SEO; as the names suggest the On-Page SEO is the SEO techniques applied by your SEO Consultant on your webpages, while Off-page SEO is the SEO techniques which are applied on other websites or 3rd party websites which can be derived through SEO Backlinks.

We Premware Services India LLP, have a team of advanced SEO experts who provide local SEO as well as areaspecific SEO to attract targeted audience.

Keyword research

It is a myth that SEO is only about keywords, but SEO is not only about keywords, rather keywords are just a part of SEO. However, it is one of the most important parts because SEO can analyse the competition of your services and accordingly frame the strategy to highlight your USP by selecting the best approach. We use best in class Keyword tools like Google Keyword planner, SEOmofo, KWfinder, SEO Quake, LSI Graph, Soovle, SEO site check-up Etc.

Competition Research

We also research your competitors. This helps us in ranking your website above them and capture potential business from your competitors.

Content Development

Once, the keywords are decided the team of Content Writers draft the content accordingly. Content is the soul of any SEO strategy. We design best in class and unique content for our client to highlight their services and products. We don’t just do SEO for the website optimization, but we believe in doing it for every product and service you provide so that all your service get the same amount of traffic and business.

SEO Analysis

Once the SEO strategy is implemented, it is essential to see the performance of SEO techniques. Continuous research and development are required to achieve and maintain the ranking. We have a team of analysers and our manual website audit tool to examine the effectiveness of SEO Strategy to give result-oriented SEO Services to our customers.

SEO Services in Surat by the Best SEO Company in Surat, Gujarat

  • Website Audit Service
  • SE Ranking
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • SEO for YouTube videos
  • Other Video SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Export-oriented SEO
  • Country specific SEO
  • Advanced SEO


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