Business Email Hosting – First Impression of your Business

The digital frauds and fake emails were common lately. You must have heard of someone got robbed or fooled by fake emails. It was a racket to fraud people with fake mails and fake IDs.

However, why are we talking about these frauds? The above events have made the end-consumer smarter, now if any such mail comes, the end consumer first checks the sender’s mail ID. Than only decides to consider the mail or not, or even read the mail or delete it without reading.

For Example, if a user gets a mail from bank, saying please share your bank details; the user will first check the email ID of the sender. If the mail ID is something like or the user will straight away delete the mail considering it spam or a fraud mail. On the other hand, if the same mail has come from the known domain name of the bank, like or the user will relate it to the domain name of the bank which he uses for his transaction and would trust the source of mail.

When your consumer or reader has become this level smart, it becomes essential for you and your business to be smarter. When your company sends a business proposal or some useful facts and figures to your consumer to establish communication with your future clients and stakeholders, the reader will first check the mail id of sender and then decide to proceed with it or not. If you have the mail ID with your company name, the client will develop a positive brand effect about your company and the client will read the entire mail with a positive approach. The client will not have any doubt on the reliability of the source. This will be proved as the first impression of your business on your client.
Business Mail Hosting is the solution.
Business Email Hosting

How the Business Email Hosting Works?


  • It’s simple, choose your domain name, if you don’t have one already. Like, ‘’
  • Check the availability of the domain name with the help of your Business Mail Service provider like us, Premware Services India LLP. Or if you already have a website, you can set a company email on your website’s domain name like ‘’
  • Just register your mail ID with Mail Hosting Provider on rent for a year or as many years as you want.
  • Done! Your business mail is created, now set up your mail in your outlook or whichever mail browser you want to use and start using it.

Business Mail Hosting is simple, easy, economical and fast

Business Email Hosting price – is it costly to have an email ID on your business name?

NO! Believe us, it starts at literally zero cost.

Yes! if you have your domain name, you can enjoy the first few GBs of usage on free of cost. There are many business mails hosting provider companies which provides you with the free business email hosting, like, Gmail for Business, Yahoo Business Mail or Bizmail yahoo, few of them offer free usage from 5 GB up to 50 GB.

However, it is recommended to use paid services instead of the free one, as by just paying some nominal amount you will be able to enjoy many features and multiple user access.

Do I need to have my business website to host a business mail with my business name?

No! it’s not necessary to have your website, you can have a mail ID with your business name without even having your website. We are happy to help you get your business mail without having your website

Benefits of Business Email Account

  1. Provides professional touch to your business
  2. Your brand becomes more reliable.
  3. Improves the brand value of the existing brand
  4. Leading-edge over your competitors
  5. Increases the goodwill of your company

Find Email Hosting that Fits Your Business

The decision to have your Business Email Hosting proves that you are serious about your business. You have taken the first step to establish your brand name and have a leading edge over your competitors.

For selecting, the most economical and affordable Email Hosting for your business depends on the various factors like users you want to register, Future Prospect of your business, the usage of this hosting which will determine the space you would want to book.

You can contact us with all your queries and doubts, we are always available to help you with our expert advice on a single call.

What are you waiting for? Contact us to get your business mail hosting right NOW!


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