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To make all HR operations simpler.

Appropriate salary determination and payment schedules. 100% adherence to the regulations. Document management that is simple. Access to personnel data with a single click. Effortless attendance and leave tracking. Plus more.

Consider it simple if it has anything to do with HR.

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    Not only an HR platform.

    It serves as a launchpad for simplicity.

    Payroll Administration

    • Arrange complicated Salary schemes with countless components
    • Simple payroll processing (pre-built checklist guides the processing)
    • Produce pay slips and pay records in a variety of formats
    • Tools for comprehensive reconciliation
    • Inputs from HR modules integrated into payroll
    • Handle repayments, advances, and loans
    • Online flex-pay structure payment collection from employees
    • Automatic calculating of salary increases and arrears
    • Online IT savings and proof collection from employees
    • Bulk transaction Excel importer

    Compliance with Statutes

    • Compliance with all statutory requirements regarding PF, PT, ESI, and TDS
    • File generation for PF ECR and ESI uploads
    • Form 24Q validation extract for quarterly submissions (built-in FVU)
    • Complete management of LWF, bonuses, maternity benefits, gratuities, leave encashments, etc.
    • Create reports for the Shops and Establishments Act, the Factories Act, and other Labor legislation.
    • Updates on statutory rule changes as quickly as possible
    • Ad hoc reporting tool for bespoke reports, 350+ MIS reports
    • Access to a website that provides updates on Labour laws

    Core HR

    • Employee’s lifetime data is captured by core HR
    • Simple process with integrated tasks
    • Create letters and keep employee files updated
    • Get notifications and reminders for significant dates
    • Involve staff with feeds, notes, and a help desk
    • Useful reports from HR MIS dashboards
    • Create or extract ad hoc reports
    • Employee access via a web and mobile app

    Leave Management

    • Set various leave options and policy parameters
    • Create guidelines based on employee groups
    • Versatile holiday list for multiple regions and locations
    • Enable employees to – apply/cancel/approve online
    • Keep track of compensatory leave
    • Simplify holidays of one’s own choice
    • Simple automated and manual year-end roll-over
    • Extensive dashboards and reports

    Attendance Management

    • Connect variety of attendance recording devices
    • Alternatives to attendance h/w (mobile based Geo mark & Geo tracking)
    • Establish “Present/Absent” standards, late-in/early-out fines, and other setting
    • Shift rostering, extensive shift management, and OT management
    • See and maintain attendance records
    • Provide detailed insights (dashboards and reports)
    • Connect with payroll to match any salary deductions

    Employee Self Service

    • Anytime, anywhere access for employees to important information
    • Tracking leave application/attendance swipes etc.
    • Leave balance, holiday calendar
    • Use directory to reach out to employees, reporting managers etc.
    • Details of loan from the organization
    • IT declaration, PF contribution, payslips etc

    Great for Human Resource.

    greytHR comes to you from Greytip Software, a pioneer with over 25 years experience in the field of HR automation. Clients also gain immediate access to a vibrant HR community, helpful learning resources and proactive customer service.


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