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Email Security Solutions

To understand about the Email Security Solution and why it is required? Let’s look at some facts and figures.

An employee receives around 12-13 spam emails per day. The studies have proved that the chances of potential attack of malware and ransomware can be reduced up to 68% by using the Email Security Solutions. There are other facts and figures as well, however, above 2 reasons are enough for you to protecting your email hosting with Hosted Email Security.

Just imagine your employees getting 12-13 spam emails per day, which might have distracting information like holiday packages, special offers etc., if an employee spends 5 mins on each spam mail in a day, he/she is spending 60 minutes of unproductive time per day. If you have, around 10 employees, you are going to have 10 unproductive hours per day and 260 such hours in a month. Just imagine the cost your company incurs just because of these unwanted spam mails.

The potential virus threat and loss of data or important file is also a factor which will affect your business negatively, and if you consider the downtime due to failure of the system, cost of repairing would only add up to the cost, and this is all because of unwanted & uninvited spam emails.
The cost of electronic secure email through Hosted Email Security Solutions is much lower than the cost your company incurs because of these spam emails, in terms of unproductive employee hours and cost incurred due to possible virus threat. Fair Deal?

What is Hosted Email Security?

Hosted Email Security

It is a service which is cloud-based and helps you filter the emails even before coming to your inbox. This encrypted email security service is usually provided by online security companies. These companies also provide advance features which estimate the importance of the mail and labels the least important mail as spams, it also evaluates the threat in the attachments of mail and safeguards your system with potential threats of malware and ransomware.

The Cloud-based security service is very affordable, and the maintenance is also very easy, the service provider gives the update of software automatically. This software is user friendly and works fine with all the operating systems.

How does a Hosted Email Security work?

If we put it in simple words, the working of Hosted Email Security can be explained as below:

  • The user creates an account with a service provider.
  • Add your domain and a domain administrator on the service provider’s records
  • Connect to the service provider´s servers by redirecting their MX records.
  • Once it is done, all incoming emails pass through the service provider´s servers
  • This email secure server filters emails according to email security policy and email security protocol created by the domain administrator.

The policies can be adopted from recommended standard policies provided by the service provider. However, the service provider gives complete freedom to amend, update or change the email security policy. The IT Admin of your company can decide and design the policies based on allowable spam. Also, it gives you the freedom to apply different policies on different users, departments or across the company.

The security system sends the list of filtered emails in the form of a report on which emails were detected, tagged, quarantine and rejected. The Admin will be able to see the number of spam emails coming to the server. Also, it can keep a watch to monitor that any important emails are not being tagged as spam. At the beginning of this process, your IT admin will have to constantly monitor the nature of mails being tagged as spam so that important emails don’t get quarantined. If it happens the Admin has to take immediate action to change the email security protocols or policy to accept those important emails which are being quarantined. At the same time, the admin must monitor those emails also, which were spam but could get through the security system and amend the email security policy accordingly, so that such spam gets restricted.

Top 3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Hosted Email Security

  1. Security from Malware even before it comes to your email secure server

There are a few malware which starts damaging your system, the time it arrives in your inbox, even without opening it. Even if your employee and IT engineers are conscious and responsible enough to check and verify email before opening it, these types of malware may cause serious damage to your entire system.

The Hosted Email Security eliminates this threat by filtering and rejecting these types of spams even before it comes to your server.

  1. Protects your company from potential unproductive employee hours

The protection from spam and unwanted emails can result in unproductive hours of your employee, as these mails eat-up important time of your employee. Also, these emails are proved to be a major distraction to the employee in performing their duties.

  1. Auto-update of Security Software

The biggest advantage of Cloud-based hosted email security is that it is a low-cost option to protect your server from spams and malware. The added advantage is that the up-gradation to the latest version of the software is provided by the service provider and it gets auto-updated at regular intervals. Also, this software is operational on all the operating systems.


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