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Intercom System

Intercom is a widely used and accepted tool in the corporates for interdepartmental or even inter-branch communication, without incurring call charges. However, it has now become an important part of other commercial and domestic uses as well. For Example, many restaurants have started using the intercom to communicate between waiters and chefs. Wireless Intercom System for Buildings and societies are common nowadays.

The advanced Intercom Systems also allow video communication, which is an additional feature to intact the security of office premises as well as to secure your homes. The modern world has started using the more superior technologies compared to old traditional intercoms, like Wi-Fi-connected intercom, Wireless Intercom, Video Intercom for Apartments, Bluetooth intercom for helmet etc.

We will understand this in-depth in our section of Types of Intercom

First, let’s understand the Intercom System in Simple Words

Intercom is a system which allows devices to connect with two-way communication. The communication can be in terms of Audio or Video or both. Users can exchange audio/video messages.

The Intercom System can also be connected through an outer traditional telephonic connection through EPABX System. The connecting intercom with outside telephone lines allows users to communicate internally as well as they can also transfer the outside calls to each other or dial calls to the outer world.

The best intercom for you – Types of Intercom

Hard-wired Intercom System

Hard-wired Intercom System in Surat Gujarat

This is the most common type of intercom which can be installed inside the home or office premises.  This type of Intercom System allows the user to talk to the person at gate/door by just pressing a button and have two-way audio communication.

This type of system may prove costly compared to other cheap options, however, this type is more reliable and has a low maintenance cost. We can say that this is virtually a one-time expense only. It also protects the system with outside interference. The communication is crystal clear with minimum disturbance. It is suggested to mount the wired system at the time of construction/interior designing of the office or home so that it can be mounted internally with other network cables.

Wireless Intercom System

Wireless Intercom System in Surat GujaratThis is the modern approach to the Hard-wired Intercom System. The wireless intercom system uses radio frequency to connect each device for effective communication. This is a cheap option compared to Hard-wired intercom, as the cost of physical inventory like wire, the expense of mounting and labour is saved. This type of system doesn’t require an instalment process. User can start using it straight away after purchasing it, post a small configuration.

However, as all the devices on this system work on rechargeable batteries, users must make sure that all the devices are charged and have a full battery at any given point of time. Also, its connectivity is dependent on radio frequency, the user might face the challenges of coverage, clarity in audio etc. It also has the possibility of interference of frequency with other user’s frequency and might create confusion. However, for small premises with limited use, this option is affordable and most convenient.

Video Intercom System (Video Door Phone)

Video Intercom System (Video Door Phone) in Surat GujaratThe best option for on-door to entry-level security intercom system is ‘Video Intercom System’ which is also referred to as Video Door Phone. This provides the facility to user to see the person on the doors as live footage and communicates with the visitor by audio at the same time. The person at another end of the door can use the one-touch video door phone installed outside the door, which can ring the bell. Also, the button on this phone allows a visitor to speak and interact with the person inside the home or office. This provides a high-level of security as users can communicate with unknown visitors without allowing them any physical interaction.

This system is mostly wired, as the video transmission requires a high resolution and heavy data exchange which might not be convenient on the wireless system. Though, the modern life wi-fi connected Video Door System provides the desired results.

User can also use Smart Home technology to connect the Video System with various smart devices through Bluetooth intercom, which allows user to access the video footage to all the smart devices connected through Smart Home technology. Further, you can lock, unlock the front door, switch on or switch off the lights by the same technology using your smart devices. Considering these features, the internet connection must be fluent, and all the devices must be connected with the internet through Wi-Fi and with other devices with Bluetooth.

Carrier-Current Intercom System

Carrier-Current Intercom System - Intercom System in Surat, GujaratThis type of intercom, unlike the other systems, is connected through the electric circuit of the home or the office. This also provides the freedom of interacting with the visitor through the audio/video interface. However, the audio quality in this type of intercom is not the best.

The installation of this type of Intercom is easy and quick. The Maintenance cost is also lower compared to other options.

Helmet Intercom (Bluetooth Intercom)

Helmet Intercom (Bluetooth Intercom) System in Surat GujaratSuppose you are going on a long motorcycle trip to Leh Ladakh with your friends on around 10-15 bikes. You want to take a break from riding, or you want your friends to notice something they might have missed. How would you communicate with them?

The Helmet Intercom also called as Motorcycle Intercom, is a device which you can fit into your helmet. Helmet Intercom consists of 2 speakers and one mic which are designed in such a way that it fits in the helmet easily. They are connected through Bluetooth Intercom with all your friends’ devices. This allows all the motorcyclists to communicate with each other, talk & exchange ideas and thought on the go, keeping the security and safety of a bike rider intact.

Also, you can connect your mobile device to this Intercom to answer the calls on your phone, listen to music while riding, it also guides you through GPS voice. The best technology for bike lovers!

The above types of Intercom Systems are widely used.

There is another important technology in Intercom system for office, which is EPABX

EPABX Intercom System – Concept and Use

Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange (EPABX) which is a private telephone network. Most of the corporates use this technology for Intercom. However, for this facility, the user has to obtain a special service from the telephone service provider company. These services called PBX – Private Branch Exchange service is different from the service generally provided by the telecom companies to their regular users.

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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions and Answers on Intercom System

How many types of Intercom are there?

Below are the types of Intercom:

  • Hard-wired Intercom System
  • Wireless Intercom System
  • Video Intercom System (Video Door Phone)
  • Carrier-Current Intercom System
  • Helmet Intercom (Bluetooth Intercom)
  • EPABX Intercom System

How much does an intercom system cost?

The cost is depend on many factors. Its vary as per requirement.

How does an intercom work?

A person speak into a microphone to be heard on a speaker by people in a different room or area.

What does intercom mean on a phone?

An intercom system is a two-way communication electronic device that contains circuitry for the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio and/or video transmissions.

Can you use your phone as an intercom?

Yes, we can use phone as an Intercom.

How do I connect my phone to my intercom?

You can connect your phone to your intercom by installing related application on your device.

What is the intercom button on a phone?

According to Cisco, when an intercom speed dial button is pressed, a call connect with the directory that is the other half of the dedicated pair. The called phone automatically answers the call in speaker – phone mode with mute activated, providing a one-way voice path from the initiator to the recipient.

How to Choose a Home Intercom System?

The choice of an intercom system for the home depends on many factors – function, connection, environment, power, and integration.

What is the best intercom system for home?

Video Intercom System and Carrier-Current Intercom System are the two best intercom system for home.

Which is the Best wireless intercom system for housing society?

Video Intercom System and Carrier-Current Intercom System are the two best wireless intercom system for housing society.

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