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Digital Marketing CompanyToday’s digital generation has not restricted their use of the internet to check emails and to professional communications only. Today’s “Generation Z” literally eats, slips and lives on the internet. The internet evolved from a professional tool to communicator to entertainer to shopping malls to philosopher & guide to the counsellor. You name it and the internet have it!

The increasing use of the internet has opened many new opportunities for you as a person to grow as well as the opportunity to grow your business. Everybody is online nowadays. You also must be having your social accounts. But wait a minute! Is your business available online?

You are missing a huge pull of potential customer by not using the internet as your marketing partner.

However, if your business is already online and you are not able to get new business from it? that is even a bigger matter to be taken care of. In other words, it’s not enough to just remain present on the internet. You must market your business and products on the internet and spread awareness about your business online.

Digital Marketing Service is the solution to get your online presence felt by your potential customers. The Digital Marketing Expert would help you to get the most suitable Digital Marketing Strategy, with minimum cost to get maximum benefits.

Why Digital Marketing is important?

Why Digital Marketing is Important - Digital Marketing Services - Premware

Let’s take an example; if you want to start a business in Nanpura, Surat. How would you start a business? You buy or rent a space in Nanpura, buy inventory and stock, give your shop an attractive name and then throw a huge opening ceremony to a bunch of unknown and few known people. Expecting them to be your future customers. You would also distribute leaflets and let the others know about your business and the services/products you serve. Just imagine, you have spent already a lot of money even before earning a penny from it. Why? To market yourself, right? Because you know that if you want to capture the business you will have to spend some money to market your business to make it famous in Surat.

Similarly, if you want to grow online, first you must make your online presence by any mean. (We will explain the different ways to get your business online in the next session.) Once your business is online you must market it to let the people know about your business, products and services.

That is where Digital Marketing comes into the picture!

Unless and until people know that you are available on the internet, how would they come to know about you? And how would they come and buy from you?

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Us Now! Our Digital Marketing Consultants are eager to help you in unlocking the unlimited online opportunities available for your business.

How to get your Business Online?

There are many ways to get your business online; few of them are listed below

How to get your Business Online? - Digital Marketing Services - Premware

· Create Your own Website

Having a website is the most preferred and trusted mode of getting your business online, you can hire an expert web designer who can design a good basic website for you. The websites are like a catalogue of your business and customers build a first impression about your company from your website. Web Designing Service provider will build the website for you and publish it online in the most attractive way.

However, though the website has become very cheap these days, you may opt for some better options which may have a smaller capital investment.

· Create your Social Media Page

Everyone is having their social media account, similarly, make one for your business and post the news, articles and catalogue of your business on these social media pages. People spend a considerable time on social media, and if they come across your business page, they will remember it. This will create huge brand awareness for your business.

This method is free; however, it might prove tough to get reliable clients from this method.

· Take service from Third Party Trade Platforms

There are many common trade platforms like Alibaba, TradeIndia, IndiaMART, etc; you may take space on their website and sell your products. This is the least preferred platform nowadays, as the same websites list you and your competitors on the same page. This loses the competitive edge over various other factors.

There are many other ways like launching your app, creating YouTube page and post videos etc.

However, it is important to have a Digital Marketing plan to do marketing of your business online.

Digital Marketing Services we provide

Digital Marketing Services

· Search Engine Optimization

This is the process to rank your website on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. 80% of internet users take help of these search engines to search their required content, product or services. You should take a website audit service before going for SEO of your website. SEO is a combination of art, technology and marketing. The expert knows how the search engine works and how to build your website or display your product so that your website comes first when someone searches the products you deal in. This helps in ranking your website on search engine organically, that is why it is also called Organic Ranking Technique.  Search engines don’t charge anything for this; however, search engines consider many factors to rank your website which only an SEO Expert can help you with, So, SEO audit is very essential to improve the health of your website and its visibility in search engines.

· Paid Advertisement

Google and other search engines also provide paid advertisement service. The best part of these services is that they charge you only if someone clicks on your ad. They don’t charge anything for displaying your ad on the first page of google. However, there are many factors which affect your ads to appear on the first page.

· Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become the handiest, easy and effective tool to market your business, almost all the people present on the internet has their social account on any of the social media platforms. Utilizing these social platforms to convert your business is possible if you have a good Digital Marketing Agency at your side.

Apart from these, there are other Digital Marketing tools as below; which are equally effective, and we, Premware Services India LLP (Formally known as ‘PC Helpline’), provide result-oriented services in all the fields of Digital Marketing.


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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions and Answers on Digital Marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to advertising distributed through digital mediums such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services, and brands.

What are the different types/modules of digital marketing/Internet marketing?

There are 7 major types of digital marketing/internet marketing. These are as below:

Which field is best in digital marketing?

All the fields of Digital marketing has its own importance. But SEO and PPC are the best.

How can I start digital marketing? How can I apply for digital marketing?

  • Learn the basics of all 7 modules of digital marketing and hands-on with live projects.
  • Create and study monthly reports of all your input.
  • Build marketing strategy accordingly.
  • Gain experience and continue.

What is the salary in digital marketing?

According to Payscale, the average salary in digital marketing is ₹4,81,729 per year in India.

What are the 4 P's of digital marketing?

  • product
  • place
  • price
  • promotion

How does digital marketing impact placement?

It affects people’s interactions, work, shopping and habits. Digital marketing has made a profound impact on the traditional methods of marketing. Digital marketing companies should strongly believe in the use of a digital universe that will maximize the impact of a brand and it’s awareness.

What services do digital marketing agencies offer? and from all, What digital marketing services do you provide?

We, Premware Services India LLP provides all the digital marketing services which include:

What does an Internet marketer do?

Internet marketers first audit clients’ website, use analytics to understand their audience and then run marketing campaigns for social media and email, with doing SEO.

What is SEM in digital marketing?

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a paid digital marketing strategy used to increase the visibility and traffic of a website in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is also known as paid search or pay per click (PPC).

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