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Ecommerce Industry in India Facts and Figures

Ecommerce Industry in India is rising day by day; as per the latest report total internet users in India are around 620 Million out of which the number of users active on eCommerce or buying from eCommerce platform is 120 million. It is expected that the number of eCommerce customer will rise to 220 Million by the end of 2020.

If we talk in terms of value the current size of the business is around 3 lakh crores as of now and expected to reach around 14 lakh crores by 2028. It is also estimated that the Indian E-commerce market share will overtake the American market by 2035.

Top eCommerce platforms will not be able to cater to the entire market and people will prefer to purchase a specific product from that specific brand’s eCommerce website only to get special treatment and better aftersales services.

Ecommerce for your Business

The above facts and figures are not just figures abut indicates a huge opportunity and predicts the future. The use of eCommerce is at pick and seems to be rocket shooting after Covid-19 situation. Buyers will avoid going to malls and markets considering the safety concerns. In such situations, the only option left for shoppers is to buy from online marketplaces.

A true businessman is the one who sees the future and adopts the changes according to market trends. This is the high time to take your business from offline to online, shift from traditional eCommerce market to online eCommerce market.

If you already have an eCommerce website, it is the time to upgrade your self to increase user experience, retarget and remarket your non-converted traffic and increase conversion. The Ecommerce website needs periodic check and revision to match the market conditions and survive the competition.

However, many of our clients tell us that they are not techno-savvy, so how can they manage, understand and develop online business? How about payments? How about delivery and so on…

It is true that as a businessman you would like to concentrate on your business and quality of the product; if you spend most of your time in unproductive things like managing website, developing a new user experience, how would you concentrate on business?

You have to just hire a reliable technology partner like Premware Service India LLP for Ecommerce Development Services in Surat

Benefits of hiring Premware Service India LLP for Ecommerce Development Services

We have an expert team of web developers, researchers, Ecommerce Developers and experts of sales and delivery to provide the best eCommerce solutions to our clients. We believe in giving end to end service to our eCommerce clients. There are many factors and fields which affects an eCommerce site. It is not just a business website, which you can publish just like that with few blogs and limited information.

Ecommerce Development is a complete package and needs expert advice not only at the development stage but also for running businesses. The research has shown that many eCommerce businesses fail only because of wrong selection of the agency. It is quite obvious, because if there is a business which are doing good sales on offline, how it can fail in the online market? The only reason is that the agency or eCommerce Development service provider was not as smart as you in your business. A good Businessman and Ecommerce Expert agency like Premware Services can create wonders.
Our target is to make your dream come true!

Services we provide as an eCommerce Development Company in Surat, Gujarat

Developing a New Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce website design is most crucial; it is just like crafting new business. Development of a new eCommerce website is not just a task for us, but it is a mission for us, we understand the importance of this stage in your business and hence in your life. People walk into Premware Services’ office with dreams and imagination and walk out with a full-fledged eCommerce website, exactly the way they imagined or expected to be.

The major part of this stage depends on you. More you are clear with the vision and thoughts; more it will be helpful for us to customize your website. Once you convey, the execution is our responsibility.

You don’t have any idea? Don’t worry! we have a team of experts and Ecommerce Development Consultants who will provide all the possible solutions to develop your online business. We can help you develop and manage your WordPress or Magento website. We, as Ecommerce Development Company provide you with the complete consultancy and guidance on WordPress Development or Magento Development which you choose.

Things to take care of Developing new Ecommerce Website

Must be user friendly

The performance of your website and hence your business majorly depend on the user experience, if your users find it difficult to operate your website, they will leave your site without purchasing anything, and probably never return.

Hence, we at Premware Service India LLP pay special attention to make the website user friendly. We use better fonts, visible images with zoom options, easy checkout, carting and payment options etc.

Rich in look and feel

The look and feel are a part of the brand and the image building process. We decorate our showrooms and offices to establish a better image of our business. Similarly, the look and feel of your eCommerce Platform must convey the class of your business.

We are leaders in creating attractive websites by giving proper importance to your business USP.

Secured Payment Options

The most important part of the eCommerce website is building a robust and secured payment infrastructure. We provide the best payment options with end to end encryption for the security of your financials.

Ecommerce app development

Once you have made a good business through your website, the next step could be to have your own app to promote your business and build a loyal customer base. There are many benefits which the only app can provide. Many eCommerce businesses prefer to launch the website and app at the same time to gain maximum recognition in the online market. We work on android development, iOS development and Flutter development to develop eCommerce website’s mobile applications.


Services to Manage and Optimize existing Ecommerce Website

Do you already have an eCommerce business? Well, it is not enough to just have a website. You must optimize and update it time to time to attract new customers as well as to retain the existing customers.

We help you identify the customers who have visited your websites in past and not completed the purchase. We can research for you on the same and help you retarget and remarket to these customers so that you can gain the lost potential clients.

We can also help you identify your loyal customers and design list of products with recommendation and suggestions to them to increase your sales to existing customers.


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