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Web Development Services

Website is a household term; we hear our elders and even toddlers talking about the website now and then. Many people refer to the internet as a website, and there is nothing wrong in it. The online journey starts with a website. Let it be a business, a community, an NGO, a Musician, a Painter, an artist or even a Politician, everyone has his/her own website. It is the most essential tool to mark your presence online. In the physical or offline world when you market your product or services, you always mention the address of your shop or store; similarly, if you want to market or spread awareness about your service or product online, you must direct them to an online place where they can explore more about you and your business. Well! That virtual address is your website! Many people refer to it as a web address, and this is the reason behind it.

Premware Services India LLP is, successfully, turning the dream in reality, and introducing many traditional businesses, artists and services to the digital world for a long time now. The happy and satisfied faces of our client are the strength and motivation for us to do even better as the best web development company. Our in-house team of Web Developers are best in class craftsmen who provide state-of-the-art technology to make the best website for your business.

Website is not just another page on the net, but it is your style statement If you are an artist or a fashion designer, it is a standard of status if you are a reputed business owner or a start-up entrepreneur, it is a shop and mode of earning if you are e-Commerce business enthusiast.

Hence, each project brings new energy and new excitement; we give our best in every project to make a unique website with the results above the expectations of our clients.

What makes us the best choice as Website Development Company, to fuel your Digital Journey?

Web Development Company

Best-in-class Team

Our bunch of technical enthusiasts are young, talented, dynamic and energetic, however, at the same time they are mature and professional enough to understand the requirements of all our clients and craft the best for you. Our team is conditioned in such a way that they know the importance of every aspect and expectation of the client and work accordingly. The result-orientated approach has come from continuous development and skill upgradation. This results in magical virtual stores and businesses.

Our end to end Web Development Solutions

Premware is not just website development company with few coders and developers. We are a full-fledged Digital Enterprise. We know the in and out of the digital world and hence we know the background of each technology and we foresee the future as well. Hence, we don’t just build a website, we do a proper consultation with our client and make them future-ready. We also provide SEO services, Graphic Designing Services & Complete Digital Marketing Services. Hence, we make the website which is SEO Friendly and can easily gain, maintain and retain the traffic on your website.


Security is our mission; you would see the importance of security in all our services. We believe that security is the first thing to cater before starting any new venture or business. If you are not secured enough, creativity or innovation is a waste of time. The world is full of frauds and they are always in search of free data, patent innovations and formula of USP of any business. Hence, it is very important to safeguard the data of your company, your client and maintain the confidentiality of your strategies. We give end-to-end encryption and robust security to each essential aspect of your website.

After-Sales Support

We at Premware, never consider any project as closed; for us, all the projects are open, because we understand that our clients are not technically expert and may need our assistance in every technical glitch. We are always there with a prompt reply and solution for your website.

We provide Website Development Services on various Platforms as below

Website Development Company - Premware

There are many platforms to develop the website, it depends on your requirement and nature of your business or purpose of the website to choose the best-suited platform for you.

Although, all the platforms are equally good and capable; however, all the platforms have their unique features and characteristics. The expert web developers of Premware keeps the track of all the platforms and can suggest your best suitable platform for your requirement based on website type, budget and use.


PHP Web Development

PHP is the oldest scripting language used for web development and web application development. PHP is a coding-based language and needs a strong coding background to deliver the best results in website development. PHP is popular amongst developer for its dynamic features and updated environment. Your website will never go out of the trend if it is on PHP.


ASP stands for Active Server Pages and as the name suggests it is a server-side web development framework. It is paid, however, has a large option in their library for various functions and features. It is a Microsoft Product and hence carries a good-will and trustworthy brand name. It is based on programming languages like C# and .NET. Our dedicated and talented .net developers have mastered this platform and can provide the best state-of-the-art results using this technology.

Javascript Page (JSP)

JSP is based on Java Programming Language. JSP is a popular web development framework because it combines codes with static templates and provides dynamic content. Hence, Java is very popular with developers around the globe

These languages are the basic languages used for other open-source web development frameworks like Magento or Shopify or WooCommerce – for eCommerce Development, WordPress for WordPress Web Development, Joomla etc. these popular frameworks use PHP as their basic programming language and even if you choose any of these frameworks the basic knowledge of PHP is must.

Similarly, newly popular Wix, Spring and JSF use JSP as their basic programming language.

We have a dynamic team of developers who are expert in all the programming languages and we will provide you with full support to achieve your desired goals. You are most welcome even if you already have a website and want our support to develop new features for it or even just to maintain your website.

Contact us for best Website Development Services to “Enter to The Virtual World & Earn Good-will, Trust, New Business and eventually …. Profit!”


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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions and Answers on Web Development

What are Web development services?

Web development services imply designing, building, integrating, scaling and maintaining dynamic software solutions that work via intranet or internet.

What services do web designers offer?

Generally web designers offer below services:

  • Homepage design
  • Sub pages design
  • Landing page design
  • Product Navigation design
  • Improved Shopping Cart Design
  • Notification designs

What are 3 types of web developments?

Below are the three types of web development:

  • The Front-End Development
  • The Back-End Development
  • The Full-Stack Development

Is Web development still in demand 2021? Is Web developer a good career 2021?

Making a career in web development in 2021 is not simple. The knowledge of basic programming languages is not enough, it is essential to have a competitive edge and skill sets that make you different and extra-ordinary. According to PayScale, Entry-level Web Developer earns around Rs. 232,074 per annum. When he goes to mid-level, the average Web Developer salary is Rs. 589,443 per annum. It shows that the Salaries for Web Development jobs are increasing year after year. That means Web Developers are in high demand at the job market in 2021.

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