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Mobile Application generally referred to as an App, is a software application or programme which allows users to access your online content, surf products and place orders. The invention of smartphones gave birth to the concept of applications or Mobile App. Previously, mobile phones used to give pre-installed apps to make the use of smartphones easy. They used to and still are giving apps like Mailer, Calendar, Galley/Album, Cameras as pre-installed apps. Users welcomed it and found it very easy and user friendly to have apps on smartphones. This created the ideas of Apps for each and everything available online. Today, Social media, e-commerce, news channels and even local businesses have their apps, and they are observing the same amount of traffic or even in few cases more traffic from App compared to the amount of traffic they get from the website.

The reason for the success of “App Culture” is that the apps are available on mobile and user can access it immediately without starting up PC or Laptop. Apps have many added advantages compared to the website. There are many features which a website may not have generally, like GPS tracking, real-time connection with the customer, geographical segregation of local customers etc.

Premware Services India LLP (Formally known as ‘PC Helpline’) has a squad of mobile applications developers in Surat who will convert your dream or imagination to reality. You as a business owner must be having many innovative ideas to facilitate your existing customers by providing a unique experience. Also, to attract new customers by providing offers and range of products. However, the lack of technical knowledge might crash your dream or discourage you from taking your idea ahead. Don’t worry, we at Premware Services India LLP have turned many dreams into reality and to even profit-making business solutions. You are best at your business and we are best at technology, we can synergize to create a better world for your business. We do not just help you create the Mobile app, but we also help you to do marketing for your app as we are expert in SEO service and Digital Marketing. As it is important that people see your app and can search it easily on Google Play app store (by using android development) or Apple app store (by using iOS development).

Why Mobile Applications? – Benefits of having your own Mobile App

Mobile App – the Best Marketing Tool

Mobile apps can be used as an advertising tool. You already have the target customers, those who have downloaded your app, are those who are already interested in your products or services. When you already know the target customers and their requirements you can design the tailored offer for your customer. This increases the possibility of business conversion. For Example, you have a few members who have already selected the product and kept it in the shopping cart of the app but not proceed further. You can offer them updates on the products or discount on the selected products, which will encourage the consumers to complete their purchase.

Spread Awareness about your Business

The increased use of smartphone has made users spend more time on mobile phones and it increases the chances of getting visibility of your business online. More the time users spend on mobile, more the chances of him/her getting across your business. You can optimize social media or search engine or better content to divert the crowd to your app and inspire them to download your app. Our team of Digital experts at Premware Services India LLP located at Surat, Gujarat; will help you design the app as well as in designing the strategy to increase the visibility of your app.

Boost your Sales

The ultimate goal of doing all these things is to increase the sales and hence increase the revenue and profit of your company. The App is an effective tool to increase sales. We are experienced in Ecommerce App Development and many of our e-commerce clients have accepted that the sales of their companies have seen exponential growth after the introduction of the mobile app. Many companies have dedicated departments which looks after marketing and business through apps only.

Strong Database of Loyal Customers

In today’s world, competition is at the highest level. Hence, loyal customers are an asset to the company, and no one would like to lose them. The app helps you track your loyal customers and provide the best of your products and services to retain them. The app helps you to build a strong database of loyal customers but also helps in retaining them and increase repeat purchases from the same customers.

Serving your Customers Better

Mobile applications can empower you to provide round-a-clock customer service to all the existing as well as new customers. You can interact directly with your end customers and take feedback from them to improve your product or service or to provide them with better user experience.

Establishing Brand

You can do many experiments with your app to use it to promote your brand; You can conduct surveys, encourage people to give feedback on your app and product, which will increase the brand value of your company. People generally check the reviews and feedbacks of your app and company before downloading it. Not only the product but performance, look and feel of the app also determines the success of the business, hence it is crucial to select your Mobile Application Development Company wisely.

Gather Data & Relevant Information

The world is data-driven, results and goals can be achieved based on the data only. You can gather data from your consumers on their likings and unlinking, their buying patterns and latest trends; which can help you in inventory management, designing marketing strategy and targeting specific customer.

Become Accessible to Customer and Vice Versa

Mobile apps increase business accessibility to potential customers, as more than a billion of the world population are smartphone users. With an app, a business owner can send promotional offers and discount notifications to all its customers at the same time.

Things to be taken care of before Developing a Mobile App for your Business

Points to be taken care from point of view of management before developing Mobile Applications for your business

  • Identify and specify the goal of developing your app. Determine what all activities you want your app to do for you. The more specific you are, the more helpful it will be for us, as a mobile application development services provider to convert your imagination in reality
  • Fix your budget. We at Premware Service LLP, Surat are more focused on client service than profit-making, we believe in providing the best of the services at minimum possible cost. You just tell us your budget and we will help you in Mobile Phone App Design to fit your budget without any compromises on the level of services.
  • Chose the platform to launch your app, you can either develop App on Android OS or iOS or both based on your choice and business acumen. We are expert in Developing Apps on any given platform, let it be Android or iOS or by using Flutter App Development.

Services we provide as Mobile Applications Developer at Surat, Gujarat

  • Must be user friendly – The success of the app and hence the success of a business depends on how easy and user friendly your app is. Our expert Mobile App Builders provide you best in class design which makes it easy to navigate through your app.
  • Minimum possible size – The more the size an app occupies the higher the chances user will uninstall it. If your app is occupying the more space on the mobile of the user. The user will uninstall your app at the time of space crisis on his/her phone. So, keeping the small size of the app is crucial.
  • Best look and feel for the users – As explained above, the unique look and feel gives your app and distinctive advantage over other apps.
  • Provide best in class user experience to your valued customers
  • Data Back up and Data security – As explained earlier data are crucial to determine your business strategy and determine the growth. Our Mobile App Development Strategy gives importance to data as one of the core areas of concerns.
  • Hassle-free up-gradation – You must keep yourself and app technically updated to match the changing world
  • Easy uploading facility of products/services/content to your app – Regular update on your product and services is one of the effective marketing tools. Unless your app is easy to use for you to upload your new product and service, it will increase your dependency on the technical person. However, we at Premware Service India LLP (PC Helpline) are always there to help you with all your queries and assistance at no additional cost.

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