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Android app development, Mobile Applications are built based on the operating system mobile uses. Mobile Smartphones use different operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows operating system. As over headline and tagline says it all Android Operating System enjoys the biggest pie of market share in terms of the number of users. If we see worldwide Android is used by more than 72% of smartphone users worldwide; on other hands, iOS which is Apple’s Operating System is used by more than 27% of smartphone users worldwide. Both the users are equally important because one represents mass and the other represents the class.

As a business owner, you would like to reach both the markets, Android users’ market as well as Apple operating system, that is, iOS users’ market. However, if you start your business with Android app you can reach at least 72% of people worldwide.

We, Premware services India LLP (PC Helpline) are experts Android App Developer in Surat, Gujarat. We develop the Android Applications, which are responsive to all the mobile gadgets with all the sizes of the screen as well as it is responsive to smartwatches as well.

Benefits of Android App over Developing App on any other platform

· Low-Cost, Higher Profit

The Android app is comparatively cheap to develop as the Android SDK (Store Development Kit). This is a one-time paid tool kit to develop an App. A developer can use the materials, designs and templates to make interactive Apps on Android Platform. The SDK also provides added advantages like testing, debugging etc. Considering the ease of doing the cost of development is comparatively lower. If your app is cheaper, the investment is lower, and it helps you increase the profit margin as expenses are lower.

· Immediate Launching is possible in Android App

The turnaround time is very fast. If your client wants to launch the app to cater to the immediate requirement or urgency. A developer can develop the app and immediately launch it on Google Play Store and make it available and working within a few days. But for this, you must have an expert Android App Developer.

· Porting is easy

Porting means updating your Android app to other operating platforms like IOS and Windows. The App developer chooses one platform as a base to create the app. Once the android app gains the popularity you may want to expand your business and target the IOS users as well. Would you make a new app on that platform? NO! You can simply port the android app to the IOS platform.

The developer may choose any of the platform, android or IOS, as a base platform; however, Android is the leader in terms of the number of users it is preferred to choose Android as a base platform. Hence you will be able to cater 72% of smartphone users.

The languages and technology used by Android make it easy and convenient to port the app from the Android Platform to any other platforms.

· One-stop Solution

The Android is evolving with the changing technology, it is adapting the change in the world of technology and providing a versatile environment by being competent to all the latest gadgets and technologies like 3D Videos, VR Box and AI integration. It is compatible with all the smart devices. Also, it has expanded to smart home services applications.

· Protected with High Security

New problems need new solutions! The android follows this and keeps upgrading the security features to protect the Android environment and keep your app free of bugs and viruses. The security is also crucial for the users of your app. The attach on your app may cause the loss of data for your customer and users. Android keeps you and your app users protected from the viruses and possible data theft.

· Tailored Customization possible

When you are developing the app on the Android platform the only limitation is your imagination, because android offers enormous customization options that you can make an app which is uniquely built for you only. You can add ‘never-before’ features and provide unique services to your customer by developing tailored made Android Application. Hence, it is said that the imagination is the only limitation, otherwise android has capabilities to convert all your imaginations into reality.

Preware Service India LLP believes in giving unique services to each client and if you think the same, we are the best option as your Android Applications Development Agency in Surat, Gujarat.

Important Things to Consider While Choosing Your Android App Development Company

The technology is changing day by day. Earlier smartphones were having small storage space, slow RAM and Small Screens. Now the smartphone’s’ performance has enhanced. Hence, the scope for applications have is on the rise. Now mobile phones can accommodate more applications and works very fast. This has allowed application builders to use more attractive apps using HD photos, videos and slideshows, which gets launched very quickly. The Android Application Development Agency must be pretty much aware of what best it can deliver to the business owner considering all the modern facilities and features of android phones. Only, smart developers can make most of it.

We have a huge team of talented Android Application Developers at Surat, Gujarat. We can develop and manage Android apps for the progress of your business, just as you like it. Our expert opinions will help to enhance the performance and look of your app in a short time.

The best Android App Development Services are here

We, PremWare Services India LLP, are available with our team of expert to serve you with a variety of Apps to fulfil your business goals

·  Custom Android app

We always use the latest version of Android SDKs to develop a custom Android app, based on your business needs.

·  Hybrid app

Our developers aim at making Android apps more cost-effective with a hybrid development process. We write codes that are reusable for a different purpose.

·  Native Android app

We create an Android native app with high-end features. The use of Android-oriented programming languages makes our development process faster.

·  Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality development

We have proven skills to develop interactive and immersive Android apps for AR-VR devices. With the release of ARCore and Daydream by Google, it has become easier for us to develop AR-VR apps for Android devices. Although these apps work for very few handsets, you will get value from them.

·  IoT development

It is a trend of using IoT devices for everyday purpose. Let our developers create Android app, compatible with IoT devices.

·  Maintain your Android app performance

It is always important to retain your Android app status and performance. Hire our developers to update your Android apps, add security features and integrate new functionality into your apps. Our app developers and testers are capable of solving the errors and bugs of your app. We use different tools for managing the data of your Android app.

Our Specialized Services in Android App Development at Surat, Gujarat

  • Android App Consultation
  • Android App Testing
  • Android App Porting from one platform to another


Contact us now to turn your imagination into reality in no time with the help of our expert Android App Development Services near you at Surat, Gujarat.


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