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There are two major platforms in the digital world of smartphones; Android and IOS. What if you want to launch an Android and iOS app at the same time? Can we create a single app for both the operating systems i.e. Android and iOS at the same time? Is there any SDK which can make an app for both the iOS and Android platform?

Well! The answer is Yes! Google has invented an open-source Software Development Kit (SDK) called Flutter which can help you build a universal app which will be compatible with all the available platforms.

Flutter is an SDK launched by Google in 2018 and within no time it has gained considerable popularity in cross-platform app developers. However, this makes it more crucial to choose the Flutter App Developing Agency with extra care. Because no one can claim to be most experienced in this field as the whole world started using it just 2 years back.

Hence, choose the best flutter app developing company, near you, after research and only when you are 100% confident in their skills.


What makes us the best Flutter Development Company in Surat?


The Techno Savvy Developers

The young and talented developers are the asset of our company; our new-gen Flutter App Developers are techno-savvy and understands the pros and cons of any new technology with the deep study. We provide them with the best possible environment to do a practice to get hands-on practice.


Our R&D

We, Premware Service India LLP, also encourage our developers to do R&D on the new technologies so that they can be prepared and confident at the time of accepting any project. We make dummy apps and our staff members use it and test it so that we can do our research and come up with solutions. This practice helps us achieve perfection in our client’s projects.


Benefits of Flutter from the Businesses Point of View


Best Option for Cross-Platform App Development

Google’s Flutter has become very popular in creating apps; the main benefit of flutter is that it helps you create the cross-platform app. In a general scenario, our clients chose the Android platform to develop a primary app and then port it to iOS platform. Then again developers test and check it on iOS before finalizing and launching the app. This is time-consuming and costly. The flutter allows single development which can make an app which is compatible not only on these two platforms but to all the platforms available. Hence, you will be able to launch your app across the digital world on the same day and time, which will help you capture the entire traffic and market base.


Fast Loading and Reloading

The most appreciated feature of Flutter is its quick turnaround time. We prefer the Flutter App over others when the client wants to launch the app at earliest and wants to mark presence on both the platforms. The fast reloading allows developers to immediately check the effect of the changes they made in the app on both the platforms. The developer thus can fix the bugs, check and test the new features added and do quality analysis as soon as they make changes.


Time Saver

Suppose you want to launch an app to cater a situation or demand which is for only limited period. Like your 31st December night related event app or app for medical emergencies like Corona. You cannot wait for days; one needs to develop and launch the app at earliest so that you can take maximum benefit of this limited period. We, Premware Services India LLP – the best flutter development company in Surat, prefer to use Flutter in such situation because our talented and learned engineers can design, craft and launch the app on both the platforms, in less time.


Best Option for Trial Version Mobile App

Many times, we come across clients who have an idea but needs fund for that idea to convert in business, and they want to make a basic app which can work on both the platforms, just to showcase it in their presentation to investors. We call it MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in technical terms. The MVP shows the basic features of the app on both the platforms so that investors can see, check and make their decisions. In these cases, the Flutter Development becomes very effective.


If you want to make an app for both the platforms and capture the maximum market base on the digital world, Google’s Flutter app is the best option, provided you have the best agency on your side. We are confident that your search for best flutter app development agency ends here.


Let us help you to craft your imagination and dreams!

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