What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

What are the different types of CCTV cameras?

CCTV have become an essential part of our lives in today’s time. This statement is true for people associated with both business and/or residence. It is understandable to install them as a means of security and they have proven to be worth it. Camera installation is even more necessary for shops and firms as there is a higher risk of any kind of criminal activity taking place. 

But there are multiple of the CCTV cameras available in the market which people are unaware of. Each of them serves a different purpose for a particular business or premise and hence it is more important to know which one is better for you. Have a look further to know of their types and what they are for in details below.

Different Categories Of CCTV Cameras

There are about nine different categories these cameras are divided into. They are discussed in detail below – 

Dome CCTV – These cameras are simply named after the shape/structure of the case they are placed into. The most beneficial thing about this camera is it is hard to understand in which direction the camera is pointed to. Other benefits include easy installation, great for both indoor and outdoor usage, and 360 rotation for covering every angle. 

This camera is best for restaurants, shops, hotels, homes, and cash counters.

Bullet CCTVThese cameras are generally easily spotted from a distance. They are often in a cylindrical shape and are efficient for long distance capturing. Hence, these are ideal for  outdoor usage. Also because they can endure heat, dust, dirt, and water.

Their benefits include resistance from all sorts of environment and weather, able to capture long distance footage, and protection from attacks due to its sturdy casing. They are ideal for industrial usages, property management and farmlands, and any outdoor application.

C Mount Camera – These are an advanced version of  the bullet cameras made ideal for capturing adaptable views. This gadget also has detachable lenses that one can switch for different distances. These are more easily visible in comparison to bullet cameras.

The benefits we get from installing these are the sturdy casing protecting it from harsh environments, able to capture distances beyond 40 feet along with adjustable lenses, and is ideal for outdoor uses. Best for logistics industries, food and manufacturing industries, or any place with odd or fluctuating temperatures.

PTZ Pan-tilt CCTV – This camera is also known as a zoom camera. It helps you monitor with full control of the recordings. You can turn the camera left or right, zoom in and out, or tilt up and down. The other benefits include availability of close focus on subject because of optical zoom, tilt and pan for 360 viewing, recognition of facial features due to high resolution, personalized live viewing.

Ideal for remote viewing, best for business premises, great for museums, entry and exit gates of high-security zones.

Day/Night CCTV – The best thing about this camera is that you will get a clear image irrespective of the lights around. They are specifically built for the same purpose. They have extra sensitive imaging chips to make it possible.

The benefits you’ll get with them are clear picture in low light recording, both black and white as well as color recording, functions effectively even in sunlight, glare, or reflections, and have tough casing. Perfect for business premises with 24 x 7 recording and any outdoor monitoring at any place.

Infrared CCTV – This camera possesses infrared technology for capturing videos perfectly in pitch black. Due to this they are also expensive. This camera records clear images in dark and black surroundings, resistant to dust, and smoke and capturing perfect images, and also captures images in both color and B&W even in the dark.

Perfect for banks, manufacturing units, any high-security place that requires night recording.

IP CCTV – This camera is also known as a network camera. These can share live footage and they can be shared anywhere across the globe through the internet. 

With this camera you’ll get the benefit of archived footage, live recording anywhere, no requirement of computer stations or coaxial cables, and very little maintenance requirements. Best for businesses whose owner is away from the site, residential surveillance while being outstation.

Wireless CCTV – These require little time to get installed and can be fitted at any location. Various types of this camera are available for you at home and office. It has fast installation, tidy appearance, easy access to archived footage, footage storing, and images are transmitted through the internet hence you can see them anywhere.

Perfect for security room, presentation halls, well furnished places, or any place that requires a tidy look 

HD CCTV – Last category of camera is HD camera. The high resolution picture captured with this is incomparable to other cameras. You will get the benefit for perfect and clear picture resolution without compromises even when zoomed, easy to identify people on footage, and you can get HD cameras on models of bullet and dome. Ideal for places prone to theft and high-security zones.

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