Tips to Boost Conversion Rate for your Ecommerce Shopify Store

Tips to Boost Conversion Rate for your Ecommerce Shopify Store
Tips to Boost Conversion Rate for your Ecommerce Shopify Store


We are going to cover below points in this blog:


One of the most crucial parameters of every ecommerce business is Conversion rate. The competition in this field is huge as it has more than 820,000 active Shopify stores.

There is no short cut or a hack which can work wonders overnight for your Shopify store.

Multiple Techniques to Increase your Sales

But here’s a catch, not one but there are multiple techniques which on proper implementation can gradually increase your sales.


Highlight Product Benefits Clearly
People generally tend to purchase products that solve their problems and instil ease and comfort in their lives. Hence, it’s quite important to highlight product benefits.

Leverage Personalization
Personalization is the secret ingredient to increasing sales funnel conversions. Marketers have observed an average increase of 20% in sales while offering personalized experiences.

To leverage personalization, the way one can opt is by using data science skills. Data science enables you to divide your customers into micro-segments based on various variables, like gender, age, browsing behavior, purchase history, and spending habits.

Upsell and Cross-Sell
Upselling and cross-selling are another known way to increase your average order value. Though It is advisable to limit the number of choices you provide.

Optimize the Checkout Process
Check out process should always be simple & understandable. If your checkout process isn’t simple, chances are that you might lose a lot of customers at the time of their purchase. To resolve this issue one can use a checkout progress bar that shows where customers are in the process and how much is left in the cart.

Allow Guest Checkout
Offering a guest checkout option can work wonders and escalate the checkout optimization process to the next level. One can allow the guest checkout option by changing customer account preferences in settings.

Write Useful and Valuable Content
Not merely lengthy but valuable content is what attracts & educates users and pulls them towards you. This can be done by blogging to educate, inform, and engage your target audience. People who visit your website via these blogs might not be willing to buy the product immediately, but they’ll become aware of your brand and might purchase in the future.

Other Useful Techniques include –

  • Using Remarketing to Target Specific Customers
  • Reducing Price Shock
  • Providing Limited Time Offers
  • Integrating Live Chat Software
  • Using Trust Badges
  • Using High-Quality Product Images and Videos
  • Highlighting Your Return/Refund Policy
  • Getting Customer Reviews
  • Leveraging Email Marketing to Follow Up on Abandoned Carts
  • Integrating “Notify Me” Feature


What is the Average Shopify Conversion Rate?

The average order value i.e. what each customer spends within a month of their first purchase, across every Shopify store was $63.50 in the year 2019. This is comparatively higher than most eCommerce websites.

As per a survey conducted in December 2019, the average conversion rate on Shopify was just 1.5%. which places it below the latest industry benchmarks of around 1.85%.

Generally, when your Shopify conversion rate is more than 3.1%, than you will be among the top 20% of Shopify stores. So, in that context, putting much efforts on conversion rate will produce lesser return.

But considering it from marketing point of view, stores that convert between 1% and 3% of visitors, increasing conversion rates is the most efficient form of digital marketing.


Finding Current Conversion Rate of a Single Page

To find your current conversion rate, having a Google Analytics set up for your online store is a pre requisite. With Google Analytics, one can figure out the conversion rate for particular parts of the website, including the webpages to be tested.

Landing Pages report in Google Analytics is the easiest & quickest way to find the current conversion rate for specific pages of your website.

In order to get to Landing Pages, go to the Behavior section and then click on Site Content. From the dropdown list, click on Landing Pages. Note that the timeframe you’re looking at is the same amount of time that your test will be running. For this part of the process, just use the past 30 days.

Next, select the webpage you’d like to test from the list of landing pages.

A secondary dimension to your report will be needed in order to find the conversion rate for a specific goal that occurs on this page. Click to Add Secondary Dimension and type “Second Page.” The second page dimension will show which pages visitors navigate to next and what percentage of visitors to your first page went to those pages.

It is seen that most website owners work on improving their checkout page or landing page, or tweaking what happens after a visitor adds a product to their cart, but the fact is customers won’t get that far unless one creates a solid product pages that are really appealing & convert.


Ways to Improve your Product Pages for better Sales and Revenue:


Avoid Losing People’s Interest
Store owners might showcase a number of important product details on a single page, but they shouldn’t keep potential customers in suspense; hence it should be made clear what the product is and why it’s valuable, and quickly.


Understand and Address Customer Concerns
Not one’s own choice but owners should keep in mind their customer choice & preferences when figuring out what to include on your product pages, as there’s a direct relationship between the product and customer’s intention to buy it, and their objections that may delay a purchase.


Highlight a Clear Call to Action
Buying should be made simple & convenient for the users which means the call to action should be really catchy & not missed at any cost, it should be simple yet appealing and not overlap with your design.


Activate Live Chat on Key Pages
Live interaction is any day most preferred by users than emails or dry conversations. Live chat therefore has the highest satisfaction levels across all support channels; customers prefer that they get answers fast, can multitask, and feel it’s the most efficient use of their time.


Some Effective other ways Include- Complementing your photography with videos or GIF, showcasing reviews and personal testimonials, prominently displaying evidences, Upselling and cross-selling wherever appropriate

Best Shopify Conversion Rate Apps:

Most conversion rate apps can be clubbed into a few distinct categories. Here’s a list of it:

Page Features – these are used to add a widget or button to your product pages

Landing Page builders –these are basically drag-and-drop builders to create high-converting pages

Email Marketing – This includes email automation to improve customer retention and reduce abandonment

Pop-ups – these apps are useful in creating sales notifications, cross-selling links or email pop-ups

Social Proof Apps – these apps increase customer engagement by showing views by customer and sales

Customer Loyalty Apps – This is a point-based gamification for increasing customer engagement

Some of the Best Shopify Conversion Rate Apps are –

  • Nudgify
  • Candy Rack (Upsell, Cross-sell)
  • Fast Checkout (Page Feature)
  • Privy (Pop-ups)
  • Smile Rewards (Customer Loyalty App)
  • Growave (Social Proof/Customer Loyalty App)
  • Shogun (Page Builder)
  • Optimonk (Pop-ups)
  • Social Photos
  • OptinMonster
  • Yotpo