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What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing involves promoting a product, selling a service, telling a story, or connecting with a target audience through email. This method of marketing covers one-to-many communication, including an organization mailing a list of multiple customers. Email marketing can be a very cost-effective way to reach, engage, and retain customers.

Types of Email Marketing?

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are very important to make a lasting impression on your audience. As these are the first emails, subscribers receive from your business, they should be clear, precise, memorable and engage readers.

Welcome emails are the most effective type of emails to get conversions. Adding an offer in the welcome emails keeps the audiences excited & engaged. According to experts, they generate four times more opens and five times more clicks than regular emails.


Educational Emails

Educational emails are intended to help your audience learn more about your business and hence they’re a great way to market your product/service. In these emails, you can tell your subscribers about your brand, your products, and how they can use your products to solve their issues and fulfil their needs.

When your target audience gets more information and is educated, they are more likely to buy a product or service of your brand.


Special Offer/Promotional Emails

Users generally love receiving emails about sales, discounts, and other exciting offers availed by the brands. Special offer and promotional emails are therefore considered the most effective forms of email marketing.

Brands can send special perk emails to their audiences that offer benefit only them because they are a subscriber. This makes them feel more appreciated for being a subscriber. It may even motivate them to encourage others to subscribe to receive those benefits.


Re-Engagement Emails

Every subscriber is different. Some may tend to engage with your brand often, while others may lose interest or not engage much every time. To give a brand recall to such audiences brand must use re-engagement emails and get them interested again.

The main aim of these emails is to focus on subscribers and their experience. By engaging with them and knowing their preferences, you can improve their experience. This will help brands frame a better email marketing campaign that will lead to more conversions for the business.


Cart Abandonment Emails

It’s a general tendency of people that they visit the site, put things in their cart, and decide to purchase them later. Cart abandonment emails can help brands re-engage those users and get them to convert. These emails let subscribers know that they left something in their cart. By opening these mails people remember about the things in the cart and may tempt to purchase them. Thus, these emails are quite helpful to encourage your audience to come back and convert.


Time-Sensitive Emails

These types of emails create a sense of urgency stating that subscribers need to act quickly. Offering exciting limited period offers on product & services thus encourage audiences to buy it within the stipulated time. Brands can choose products that subscribers like. Time-sensitive emails are therefore a great way to boost engagement and conversions for your business.


Review Emails

Customer Reviews play an important role in any business. They prove to be a great help for new customers in deciding whether they should purchase from your business.

To get authentic reviews, brands can send a follow-up email and ask subscribers to review the product they recently purchased. Review emails are surely an opportunity for business to garner more conversions down the line.


Confirmation Emails

This type of email is generally acknowledgements from brands to customers. Confirmation emails make sure customers have received their purchase. Whether they are booking an appointment or purchasing a product, customers want confirmation. As and when the customers will check the emails, they will always refer back to this email for their purchase, and thus keep engaging with your brand.

Email Marketing Tips

Following are some useful email marketing tips for successful engagement & conversions –

  • Creating a unique email marketing plan
  • Building a subscriber list
  • Establishing your sending frequency and goals
  • Encouraging readers to reply
  • Making emails personal
  • Keeping your emails out of spam folders
  • Clear and crisp content
  • Include interesting links and calls to action
  • Make emails mobile-friendly
  • Testing the emails
  • Tracking the performance


Why choose Premware for Email Marketing Services?

Why choose Premware for Email Marketing Services

Scalability – Equipped with technology and expertise, we can handle all your email marketing needs, whether it’s limited or in bulk.

Personalization – From drafting a professional email to its content & flow, we help you personalize email campaigns for every user segment across various verticals. With appealing content, and a crisp sales pitch we help your brand get conversions via unique personalization of emails.

Email Support –We have a dedicated customer service team for onboarding help, questions, troubleshooting, and more. With prompt support, our executives analyze different queries and provide solutions to them. We offer multiple support options like an online help center library, call support, live chat, or submitting a support ticket.

Delivery – Our email marketing experts verify every email address to make sure it is genuine, thereby protecting the brand’s reputation. With a robust email marketing strategy, we take care of its timely delivery to targeted audiences thereby helping your brand with desired conversions.

Analytics – Performance analysis is highly important in email marketing. It is essential to know whether your email marketing software provides real-time updates on how your mass emails perform. This can be done by viewing the number of emails opened, clicks, performance by mailbox provider, device types, and more. By doing such companies will be able to grasp which types of email marketing campaigns are performing best.

Best Email Marketing Tools



Widely accepted & operating for nearly 18 years, AWeber is a trusted and reliable email marketing tool. Its unique range of features and tools are quite helpful for small to medium-sized businesses to grow. AWeber offers a user-friendly interface that can be well integrated with other applications on your website. Some robust features of AWeber include generating automated email sequences, the ability to A/B tests, access to autoresponders, pre-designed email templates, email tracking, list management and many more.



SendGrid offers powerful email marketing solutions to businesses. It allows users to send transactions emails, including notifications and welcome messages. Their tools can easily be integrated with various other applications and programming languages.



GetResponse is your answer when you’re looking for a tool that’s unique & offers more than just email marketing. It is one of the best email marketing tools and it helps users to create webinar solutions and landing page creator. Besides this, it helps to run a successful email marketing campaign for your business.



One of the best email marketing tools for guest bloggers and small businesses, MailChimp have been known for continuously evolving their features to stand apart from their competitors. It’s a progressive email marketing tool with more than 1 billion emails sent every day. Its advanced features include contact segmenting, service and app integrations, autoresponders, A/B testing and time-zone based sending.


Thinking to opt for email marketing to get better engagement and conversions for your business? Connect with Premware Services today!

FAQsFrequently Asked Questions and Answers on Email Marketing Services

What type of marketing is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing and digital marketing, that uses email to promote products or services of any business. By using this, customers get updates about the latest collection or offers the business is providing.

What is included in email marketing?

Email marketing can include promotional offers and exclusive deals for subscribers. It can also include newsletters with latest updates about the products or services.

What are the top free email marketing tools?

Below are the top free email marketing tools:

  • HubSpot Email Marketing
  • Mailchimp
  • Omnisend
  • SendPulse
  • Benchmark Email
  • Sendinblue
  • MailerLite
  • Sender

What are the types of marketing emails?

8 Types Of Email Marketing You Should Be Sending:

  • Welcome Emails
  • Educational Emails
  • Special Offer/Promotional Emails
  • Re-Engagement Emails
  • Cart Abandonment Emails
  • Time-Sensitive Emails
  • Review Emails
  • Confirmation Emails

How much does it cost for email marketing?

According to Sendx, On average, a mid-size business can expect to spend $9 – $1,000 per month on email marketing if they self-manage their campaigns (depending on the platform and number of subscribers) or $300 – $500 per month if they work with an Digital agency.

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